Friday, March 25, 2011

Lounge Wear? Try Scrubs Instead of Sweats

Back in college when money was tight, I found creative ways of making each budget item stretch as far as I could. Food was easy enough, mainly because I was the only one who had to witness or taste my Top Ramen chili special every other night. Clothing was another story. Store-bought clothes, at least new ones, were a luxury that usually came twice per year - my birthday and Christmas. My Sister-in-Law sympathized with my plight. She was a nurse and would bring me clean, unused (I hope) scrubs that I'd wear around the house every day. These became my "house clothes," not unlike Hugh Hefner's robes, but without the blonds hanging off each shoulder. I thought about this rather austere time of my life just recently as I stumbled upon a great site for surgical scrubs for sale.
Blue Sky Scrubs sells unique scrubs in a variety of styles and colors. Although these won't be coming for free like the ones I used to get from my sister-in-law, if you're looking for wholesale hospital scrubs,  you might just want to check out their site. Plus, as of this writing, they are offering free shipping on orders of $155 or more! Oh, and they also sell Lab Coats, Shirts, Jackets, Accessories, and Hats.
So whether you're a starving college student, or like me, looking for some comfortable lounge wear, take a look at scrubs as an alternative to the sweat pants and that T-shirt combo that your spouse has been trying to get you to toss out since the day after your honeymoon. know the one. ;)

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Paul McElligott said...

Gotta agree. I "helped myself" to a set for a Halloween costume (back when I was interning for the video department at a hospital). Became my favorite knock-around clothes.