Sunday, November 9, 2008

Got a New Hammer

I bought this $90 hammer for $12 with free shipping on I love Two weeks ago I bought a power accessory kit for my iPhone for $3.95 with free shipping. I was at Circuit City yesterday and saw the iPhone car charger - just one of the three power accessories that came in my kit - for $39.

I suppose the only thing I don't like about is that, by offering new items at below-yard-sale-prices, I feel obligated to purchase things I really don't need. In fact, in a brilliant marketing maneuver, has somehow reversed the effects of 'buyer's remorse' to produce guilt when I don't buy something.

Right now I'm feeling guilty about not shopping for my wife's Christmas gift yet. I wonder if she'd like a hammer? Naw. . .I have a sneaking suspicion she'd use it to make sure I wasn't around to celebrate the new year.

Until next time. . .

- Tom

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Are You Being Manipulated by Your Candidate?

I may be the last person people go to for political advice. Primarily because I just don't follow politics, so I'm about as far from an authority as you could find. It took Senator Obama to make me sit up and take notice - to root for the candidate with integrity.

Today I'm angry. I'm angry because of McCain's blatant mischaracterization of Obama. How many times during the debates and McCain's speeches did you hear him mention the $3 million earmark for the "overhead projector for a planetarium?" Look, I knew from the first time I heard that that it had to be false - who wouldn't assume that? Overhead projectors go for $29.00 on eBay - Less than $200.00 brand new! More importantly, what does that say about the person making that claim? McCain is banking on people listening and reacting instead of listening and thinking. That's manipulation my friends, and like so many politicians, McCain is attempting to manipulate the public.

The "overhead projector" was in fact the main projection system for the planetarium in Chicago, IL. The earmark was used to replace the 40-year-old existing projection system. This earmark was both justified in the interest of science and education as well as potential revenue for the city from tourism. The point is that McCain wasn't misinformed - he knew exactly what the earmark was for, but chose to exaggerate the story to draw people away from his opponent. Do we want a president who purposefully misleads the people of this country to promote his agenda?

One final point. Integrity isn't something you can claim you have, and it isn't something you can buy - it's earned. You earn it by demonstrating honesty. We don't need a maverick in the White House, we need a president with integrity - you choose.